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Thursday, March 30, 2017
Publications Centre

Queen's Printer manages Publications Centre, and government ministries or related agencies participate by contributing publications to the catalogue.

Contact Information

Inquiries regarding a specific publication should be made to the corresponding agency; contact information can be found beside each publication. For general inquiries about the Publications Centre website, select the Contact Us link at the top right of the screen.


Downloading Electronic Version

For each publication, you may have an option to view, print or download the electronic version by selecting the Free Download button which is displayed under the Description box.

If you are unable to open and view the electronic version, please see the Technical Requirements section below.


For Government of Saskatchewan legislation and other Queen’s Printer publications

Queen's Printer holds copyright on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan in right of Her Majesty the Queen for all Government of Saskatchewan legislation and legislative publications, including all statutes and regulations of Saskatchewan as well as various other Queen's Printer publications, such as Rules of Court and The Saskatchewan Gazette. Under provincial legislation and Government of Saskatchewan procurement policy, Queen's Printer is the official publisher, printer and distributor of legislative materials, and as such is the agency mandated to produce and provide copies. The Queen's Printer is also legislated to recover costs of all such production and provision.

In exceptional circumstances, copyright may be released to a government department, Crown or agency, or to a private organization or individual on a one-time basis. This does not, however, authorize unlimited photocopying or reproduction. Where any agency or individual wishes to use, in whole or in part, a Queen's Printer publication within another publication, in paper or electronic format, in order to consider release of copyright Queen's Printer requires:

1 that Queen's Printer receives a written request for release of copyright, outlining exactly which publication(s) or web site(s) is (are) affected, the contact person and the date of publication; and
2 details of the intent of the new publication (i.e. educational, informational, instructional, etc.) and the method of distribution (i.e. free of charge or sold for cost, Intranet, Internet, etc.).

If, after contact and discussion with Queen's Printer, copyright release is granted, Saskatchewan Queen's Printer must be acknowledged as a source in a bibliography or other relevant area of the publication or on a web site and supplied with a copy of that publication or a link to that web site.

For all Government of Saskatchewan materials

Materials on this website are owned by the Government of Saskatchewan and protected by Crown copyright.

Unless otherwise noted materials may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes. The materials must be reproduced accurately and the reproduction must not be represented as an official version. As a general rule, information materials may be used for non-profit and personal use. There are important exceptions to this general rule:

Information containing identifiable information about private citizens may only be used with the individual's permission.

Certain graphic images including the website Banners, the Coat of Arms and Wheat Sheaf are Government logos and emblematic of the Saskatchewan Government. These images may not be reproduced on non-Government materials, without the written permission of Executive Council Communications Services.

Reproduction of any materials for commercial purposes requires the advance written permission of the Government of Saskatchewan.

Crown copyright should continue to be acknowledged in the following form:

© 2017, Government of Saskatchewan.

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Technical Requirements

When selecting the , you need the free software Adobe Reader (or another free PDF Reader which is available online) which allows you to access files in PDF (Portable Document Format). If you have a PDF Reader installed on your machine but are experiencing problems, please install the latest version of the Reader. You may also have to uninstall the old Reader. In order to purchase a product online through our secure Shopping Cart, you need a 128-bit compliant browser. If your browser is not compliant, please upgrade to the latest (free) version:

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